Kindled Spirit - Home of Faerie Footwear, Mystical Doorways, Wax Art &Tarot
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Hi All, if you are a crafter or a Faerie fanatic or both then you will love what we do at Kindled Spirit.
All of our items are hand made and totally OOAK (one of a kind).
We have indoor and outdoor Faerie and mouse doors - some of which glow in the dark.
We are currently working on a five foot faerie door - imagine how fab that would look in your home or garden!!! We will keep you posted.
We have our very own Hopping Mad Faerie Footwear, designed and created by us these little 2 inch shoes come with a verse and gift box to cheer you up - or a friend, or anyone who needs a little smile.
The verse on the gift box explains how the faeries get separated from their shoes....
"When a little faerie sneezes they usually lose a shoe, although this makes them hopping mad they will be glad it's come to you" (Copyright Kindledspirit2012)
There is also a scroll of paper inside each box with the following cheery verse...."With this little faerie shoe comes wishes from afar, way beyond the land of Fae and way beyond the stars. It brings you luck and happiness in lots of different ways, so look at it and smile when you are having unhappy days" (Copyright Kindledspirit2012)
Our new additions to the site are some wonderful butterfly and lucky cat fridge magnets. The encaustic art or painting with wax is also totally unique as no two pictures would ever be the same.
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